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Why Where Matters

That moment when you caught a glance of something special and you snapped a photo or video, that's when Why Where Matters. Sometimes we don't remember where that was, at least not close enough to find it again, or talk about what was nearby. Yet those details enrich the significance of the event, making for a better story when shared or recalled.

Modern cameras and phones provide fairly precise GPS coordinates for your photos, and this information can provide deeper context about the moment. Modern maps with their satellite views, 3D renderings, and 360º ground views provide a return to the spot in a virtual world, a return that triggers details not seen in the images.

While the pieces are all present in every modern camera device, the ease of creating the location context isn't quite there. Photo libraries like the Apple one have great tools to locate and isolate these moments, but lack the functionality to gather them into fluid story.

At times a place is encapsulated by a single photo, sometimes it is just recap of the experience, and at times it is both. These tools don't provide the functionality to do both.

It has been this shortfall that drove the development of Cronista Aventura. As a story teller trying to thumb through stacks of photos was difficult before the digital age, made easier in digital form but with many more images to review. Scrapbooks are great, yet bulky and difficult to edit, and typically not created in realtime. Though many digital scrapbooks mimic these they often fail to embrace location and travel movement.

When and where are constant companions to what, why, and how in story telling. The digital age makes it easy to attach these elements to our images and words that provide the what, why, and how. Making when and where integral to the journaling in Cronista Avenutra provides an easy way to read your way through a journey, a day, or even just a few hours of a birthday party.

In the years to come, recalling an adventure or a moment will be richer with the inclusion of when, where, what, why, and how through this type of journaling. And finding the same spot, even perhaps the same time to re-experience a stunning sunrise, or show your grandchildren something you cherished, is a great reason to start this type of journaling now.

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