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Cronista Aventura - What's in a name?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Picking a name for the new iOS app I've just released was a bit difficult, since my goal for the app could be as mundane with the wrong name or exotic and exciting with the right name. I'm sure the name is not mundane in the non-Portuguese or Spanish worlds, but sure seems so in an English world.

While I've been taking photos for decades during my travels or my curious moments at home, it wasn't until I started taking epic roadtrips that my focus and results became amazing. I discovered that my photos captured the emotion of the place and experience that I was having.

During the pandemic, even now too, I traveled many 10's of thousands of miles around the USA, and as it turned out, I took more photos than miles I drove. Nagging me all of that time was the challenge of organizing the photos, more than just foldering them to access them. As I launched this website to offer my work for sale, I wanted to convey my recollection of the moment. I didn't find an app or develop a method with the tools I had at the time that helped.

So what's in a name? Have I forgotten the question?

It turns out I got stuck on the idea of having a photo journal with extra features, the beginnings of my development of the new app. Along the way I added ways to easily create a journal page for every photograph, location, day, and for the over all journal. The next word that emerged as a name candidate was chronicle. These are chronicles of my journeys and I am the chronicler, and my new app would be the tool to easily do that.

But who gets excited by a name like Photo Chronicler? I certainly didn’t, nor did anyone else I talked to. But I couldn't find a combination of words that sounded exciting yet meaningful. The eureka moment came when I thought maybe another language would do the trick. So I took the phrase "adventure chronicler" and started translating...landing on the Portuguese translation, Cronista Aventura. Exotic, direct, and for those who don't know the simple meaning, it sounds intriguing.

My app launched today in the App Store, I hope you'll give it a spin.

And come back as I post about my photos and trips, you may find a gem of a place to go or a trick for using your mobile phone to capture the moment, and how Cronista Aventura helps me create a intimate journal of my experiences.

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