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Answers to most of your questions are here, and if not, please ask.

What's this GoFundMe for?

Launching an online art gallery and getting establish is a difficult and expensive challenge. The goal has been to self-fund from sales, but that needs seed money that the GoFundMe will provide. Please visit the fundraising site and if you're not ready to buy one of my photos, I hope you can contribute to the fund to get this off the ground. 

What are your prints like?

The goal  is to print your photo in a museum quality format to create a legacy that endures many years into the future. To that end, my current printing partner is Artbeats, where canvas, metal, and acrylic are offered with the strongest commitment to quality and accurate production.

What is your pricing?

Regular prints will be offered in 1 or 2 sizes, and 4 mediums - paper, canvas, metal, and acrylic. A price for each option will be listed for the print.

Limited editions will only be offered as museum quality on HD Acrylic medium and at optimum size. The size and price will be noted for each print. 

How long does it take to receive a print?

Because each print is made to order, it can take a few weeks to produce. Once the order is placed, an estimated delivery window will be provided.

What are the payment options?

At this time payment can be accepted via Venmo, Zelle, Apple Cash, and PayPal.

Are limited editions or single print opportunities available?

Yes! These will be noted in the photo description.

How do I order a print?

Take note of the title or IMG-XXXX shown in the description of each photo, and include it in an email or when you call. If a print is offered with choices, include your choice and which payment method you will use. After payment is received the print will be scheduled for production and delivered to you.

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